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Monday, March 14, 2011

Strange Brew

Morning brew

I won't list all of my imperfections here but I will share some . . . I don't eat breakfast. Actually, I think I've already shared that about me but it bears repeating because people often see this as a very negative 'habit'. It's true I don't eat breakfast, I drink it. Typically my day begins with a green drink which includes aloe vera juice mixed with alkaline water. While I'm putting this together I am heating water for my Yerba Mate brew. 

greens for cats

Greens are important for cats as well as humans. Cats derive essential enzymes from munching on grasses that help them to digest their high protein diet. I purchase organic seeds at Whole Foods Market and grow the grass at home.

making raw almond milk

Raw almond milk is a mainstay in my diet. Almond milk is the base for my famous smoothies.  My husband would like to wean himself from my smoothies because they include fruit that is not alkaline but they are difficult to resist and although not high on the alkaline scale, they are full of healthful ingredients.

frozen bananas for smoothies

A key addition to my smoothies are partially ripe bananas. Ripe bananas add too much sugar. When bananas are ripe they are actually rotting.

mama's famous smoothie . . .

In the works is my recipe page that will include almond milk smoothies. In the meantime I highly recommend Chef Chloe's website . . .

Chef Chloe is not only adorable but the girl can cook too! Chloe's website is professional and fun to peruse. Chloe creates beautiful, tasty vegan food and keeps it simple. She is delightful to watch and one busy chef! Obviously I am a huge fan . . .    

Bon App├ętit! xxoo


  1. You and I are so just about opposite it cracks me up- we only eat the 'rotting' bananas because Hannah reacts to the starch in partially ripe ones. I used to grow grass for our cat, but she slept on it and killed it :Z

  2. HA! Although our beliefs about food does vary I've also noticed that you and I are not so far apart about our focus on health and simplicity in life. I've always appreciated your guidance and wisdom and thoroughly enjoy your blog!

    Funny cat, I have to play grass monitor for one of our cats because if I don't she will OD on the stuff . . . she has a bit of a sweet tooth : ) xxoo