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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 13 ~ Recommit Every Day

Today was an early day  . . . we were up, showered, fed the cats and out the door. Not a great recipe for a healthy start on the day. After my morning dentist appointment I grabbed a salad at Whole Foods. That baby cost me $12.00! It was a big heavy thing and it filled me up for the entire day. 

My husband caved. Pepe's Mexican Restaurant combo plate; chicken taco and cheese enchilada with chips and a glass of water. He says he's not focused on vegan right now, more about staying away from sugar. He agrees that vegan will have him more successful in lessening the cravings he has for sugar. Snacks for my hubby throughout the day were cashews, pistachios, dates and several of oranges from my mom's tree.  

Recommitting every day to your vision, whatever that may be, will have you tend to be more successful. An old friend of mine was a big believer in written affirmations. She had pictures plastered all over her fridge and bathroom mirror . . . visions of herself attaining all sorts of things . . . svelte body, fancy car, dreamboat guy, nice house. She even had post-it notes stuck all over her truck interior with messages like, "You are beautiful", "You have everything you want in life", etc. 

We don't have stickers posted all over, well, that's not exactly accurate . . . my husband does save my little love notes and has them stuck to his bathroom mirror . . . but those aside, we use a white board. In our old house we had a big whiteboard hung on the laundry room wall so that we saw it every time we went out the door to the garage. We used the board for messages, reminders, chores for my son, and loving messages to one another. The white board in our beach house is in the office tucked off to the side so it's not all that visible. 

Tomorrow's a new day. Maybe I ought to rethink the placement of our white board or maybe write different love notes to my husband reaffirming how much I support him on his path.

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