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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Life Connected . . .


'Cleansing' the body through juicing, I believe is the most healthful way to clear the body of toxins and regain lost health.

My husband and I are ramping up to do a juice cleanse in the next few weeks. I'm scheduled for intensive dental surgery and want to give my body the best opportunity to fight infection and heal without the use of antibiotics. My husband, the sweetheart that he is, will join me in juicing to be supportive and also to reap the benefits of cleansing. 

I feel juicing mostly alkaline foods will be the most optimum. I haven't decided how long I plan to juice, I'm thinking a week. The longest I've juiced prior to this is five days. 

In 2005 I was diagnosed with melanoma. The diagnosis spurred me on to do more research about my vegetarian diet. After reading T. Colin Campbell's book, 'The China Study', I understood that a dairy free, vegan diet was the path to peak health. I've never looked back.

I'm half Italian and was raised eating Parmesan, mozzarella, and local brie and Camembert cheeses. I have always loved cheese, I was a 'cheese head'. Lunch would included three apples and a slice of sharp cheddar. Or veggie lasagna dripping with mozzarella and Parmesan. Meat was not a part of my diet for nearly twenty years but I never considered ousting dairy.

Since becoming dairy-free, I no longer suffer from chronic sinusitis or post nasal drip. I've not had a sore throat nor have I been down with a cold. My skin cleared up and my lifelong battle with acne is finally over.

There are times that I've eaten dairy and not known it until I became 'symptomatic' and then later found out that what I ate included some dairy. The downside of becoming vegan is that my body is heightened to animal products. I can feel the negative effects usually within minutes.

This juice recipe from Elaina Love sounds refreshing to me. Although kale is a 'super food' it's not high on my list of foods I covet. This juice seems like a great way to get kale in my diet. Cucumbers, celery and lemon are all alkaline foods that are superior blood cleansers. 
Green Cleansing Juice     
Elaina Love
Makes 1 quart (4 cups) of juice
1 head of organic celery

2 organic cucumbers

5 leaves of organic dinosaur kale
juice of 1/2  organic lemon
1. Cut both ends off the celery and wash all the stalks.
2. Wash and cut the cucumbers in 1/2 then cut each 1/2 into 4 wedges (8 wedges per cucumber)
3. Wash the kale leaves
4. Using a Green Star or Omega Juicer (or any juicer) send the vegetables through the juicer.
5. I like to start with the kale as it goes through quickly.
6. Strain your juice through an Amazing nut Milk Bag to get out any extra fiber.
Enjoy for breakfast lunch or dinner!
In the book, 'The PH Miracle' by O. Robert Young, PhD, he states that the percentage of calories from protein in kale is 60% and that kale contains 249 mg of calcium in 4 ounces of the leaves.

Another way to get kale into my diet will be salads. I already add kale to my salads but I like this recipe I've adapted from 'The PH Miracle'.

Raw Kale Salad
Serves 4-6
2 bunches green organic kale
1 red onion, diced
1/3 cup olive oil
juice from 1 Meyer lemon
1 clove raw garlic, crushed
Real Salt or Himalayan salt to taste
Sun dried tomatoes, chopped (optional)
Pine nuts or nuts of choice (optional)
dried herbs to taste

Wash kale and spin dry. Cut leaves from stems. Combine all ingredients and make sure kale is well coated. Marinade overnight.

Let me know if you try either of these recipes, I'd love your feedback!


  1. We're going to do a juice cleanse this summer too- and build juicing (and washing the juicer which is what holds me up) into our daily routine. I think we'll start with just 24 hours, but maybe try doing a cleanse each month and upping the length. Good point with kale- I'm not a huge fan of that, but could easily juice it! :)

  2. Great! Let me know when you're going to begin and I'll do it 'with' you then too.

    The last juice fast I did I got violently ill at day 4 (there was a lot going on in life). We sought help from a trusted alternative doctor and he said I was detoxing too fast and to eat something to slow it down a bit. I had a green banana and within several minutes felt better. It's not a bad idea to start slow. I like your idea of increasing the length each time.

    I'm with you on the cleaning the juicer . . . another thing I'd gladly pay someone to do : )

  3. I'll most likely post about it, but I'll be sure to let you know! I've read that our body is really in detox mode until 10 am, and we're people who like to eat first thing, so this summer I'm hoping to only drink juice til 10 (the kids and I) and then eat breakfast later, to help the natural detox. Run on sentence... ;)

  4. OK, I'll stay posted but appreciate the heads up too.

    Yes, I too have read that and it makes sense. I almost never eat breakfast, it feels too heavy to eat in the morning. The most I will have is an almond milk smoothie. Many mornings it's a green drink of dehydrated greens, and Yerba Matte tea. If I need an extra boost I'll have an avocado. I feel so much better not eating!

  5. I think you're more normal. I like breakfast soon after waking up, and I like it to be the biggest meal of the day. Dinner, though, I'm perfectly happy to have something small- an avocado would be perfect :)