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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 10

This morning my husband left without eating breakfast. Just a green drink and that was it. I get concerned when he leaves without eating breakfast (truth be told, when he leaves the house at all). I worry that he'll go out into the mean, cruel, snack-filled world and eat  junk. This fear strikes me as a bit unhealthy, I believe the term to be "co-dependent". I make no apologies for my co-dependent fears. If you knew me you'd know I'm really not a worrier. I have a big stake in my husband not eating toxic food, I want him here for a very long time, like at least fifty more years . . . more if I could eek it out of him.

My husband tells me that he ate OK and I believe him because we have this brutally honest relationship. Sometimes he tells me things I really don’t want to know or I want to know but I just have a difficult time processing. So he did good out there.

Since I like to shoot photos and he didn’t really give me any subject matter I shot my food. Wait! I do have one photograph from his breakfast yesterday (Day 9). He’d already dug in before I made him stop so I could take this photo. He’s very patient with me.


Day 9 breakfast

Breakfast isn’t my thing, never has been. I know, everyone always says, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day . . .” and actually I agree, just not for me. I have breakfast my way. First thing in the morning I usually have a hot mug of  Yerba Mate and if we have fresh citrus I’ll have a glass of fresh-squeezed juice. About mid-morning I think about something more. Something more is typically a raw almond milk smoothie. I don’t have time to post the recipe on this post but I will add a page with recipes soon. You are gonna LOVE my smoothies! My husband is abstaining from my smoothies right now because he doesn’t want the fruit sugar. I’m a little sad about this because I feel like my almond milk smoothies are really antioxidant powerhouses but I respect his wish to eat a more alkaline diet. I’ll have to get blueberries and flax seeds in him some other way . . .

Oranges from my mom's tree

Raw almond milk smoothie


  1. I understand breakfast not being a favorite meal. I have always found it difficult to eat in the morning but I do have a cup of coffee a couple of times a week; not everyday. I do like smoothies but have tried soy and it goes right through me but I have yet to try almond milk and that might be ok. Mostly, I make my fruit smoothies (love fresh blueberries) and use fruite juice with a rice protein powder. I'm still figuring it out and trying to eat smarter; it's a journey. xxx

  2. It is a journey and there is so much conflicting information out there. The healthiest way to eat is to stay as close to whole, unprocessed food as possible. Blueberries are fabulous!! xxoo

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