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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 4 . . .

My husband is tired today. When I rolled out of bed this morning and headed to Pilates class, he slept in. When I got home he got up and made himself a green concoction of ground up dehydrated greens and psyllium. He drinks this goo to jump-start his digestive tract which has been assaulted by sugar and caffeine. He’s feeling fuzzy-headed and rather lack-luster. His body is slowly detoxing and this may go on for a few weeks but the most uncomfortable part should pass after about a week. He’s not comfortable driving while he feels ‘fuzzy-headed’ so I’ll be doing the driving this week or until he’s clear-headed again.

I’m spending the evening with my son so my husband is on his own for dinner tonight. He has great leftovers . . . wish him luck . . .

Just for fun . . . Rock and Roll Vegan Abs:

Los Angles Times article on Def Leppard’s lead guitarist, Phil Collen,,0,3023932.story is an inspiring read. Collen has been a vegetarian for 27 years and recently became a vegan. This article focuses on his fitness, namely his freaking amazing abs. Collen is a great role model for us over 50 middle-agers who have no intention of giving up and becoming couch potatoes.

I gave birth to my son nearly 15 years ago. I had an emergency C-section. As my doctor stitched up my hip-to-hip incision she excitedly announced, “you have the most amazing abs I’ve ever seen”. Mind you, this was after 42 weeks of pregnancy and at nearly 41 years of age so I was pretty jazzed to hear this enthusiastic pronouncement from my doctor. 

I do have to admit that even in midlife my abs are in decent shape. I attribute this to great genes, exercise, and a vegan diet. Yoga and Pilates are king. My husband and I take a weekly yoga class with Yusuf Erskine D.O. Dr. Erskine’s class is therapeutic exercise based on classic Hatha yoga including restorative poses. We love Yusuf. I also take a Pilates class once a week with Sophie Phelps In Sophie’s class we primarily focus on ‘core’ work and it kicks my butt but I love the results.

Fit abductor muscles don’t just happen, it takes work. Like Phil Collen, I’m pretty proud of my abs, but I’ll let Phil do the flash.


  1. You are beautiful, always been, and always will be. I've known you many years now and your determination has always amazed me. I love reading your blog. It really has me thinking about what I put in my body. It also reminds me that I must exercise. I have a Pilates Rebounder in my living room (down stairs where we seldom go) and when I've used it, I've felt it in my abs. You inspire me. Thanks for writing this blog. I can't promise that I will go Vegan but I know that I will be more conscious of my choices.

  2. I'm so touched by your generous comments and thrilled that our journal is inspiring to you! You have always been a youthful, vibrant woman E . . . keep me posted about your experience . . .