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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Bowl of Hot Love . . .

Sprouted brown lentils

In December my son's high school honored it's teachers with 'Teacher Appreciation Day'. Parents volunteered to decorate, cook, serve and clean up. The food theme was 'hot in a crock'. I brought Vegan Lentil Stew and Vegan Cornbread Muffins. 

'Teacher Appreciation Day' banner
Bread table (vegan muffins in the basket with handles)

There were other vegetarian options but mine was the only vegan option and all 8 quarts of it were eaten and enjoyed. I had so many requests for the recipe I finally sat down and put together this recipe from memory. As with all of my recipes, they change depending on what vegetables I have on hand and what's in season. 

Dessert table (no vegan goodies here)
Student art work
Peeling garlic
Fresh chard from our local CSA, Laguna Farm
Lentil Stew (with kale) served with avocados

I almost always use my Cuisinart food processor but with this recipe I hand chopped the onion, leeks and chard so that the stew had more 'bulk' veggies.

I serve this stew with a big green salad and corn bread muffins but a bowl of the stew alone is a hearty meal.  Enjoy

Fun in the kitchen . . .
Seaweed on the beach

Thank you to all of the amazing teachers at Petaluma High School! You're THE BEST!!


Thank you to Chelsea for reminding me to get this recipe out on the blog . . .


  1. Hello there! This may come across as completely random or the universe working it's magic. I work for the corporate office of Tony Robbins and I saw in one of your emails to us was the link to your blog at the bottom of the email. Since I am vegan I wanted to check it out and I am glad I did! I love your recipes and information you provide. I went vegan over 2 years ago and have lost 140lbs since. Being meatless has been the best thing I have done for myself. Keep up the great work and you can check out my facebook page for fun vegan videos and posts:

    1. Hi Eve! Not much strikes me as random . . . so happy that you reached out to connect, thank you so much. Love your FB page ~ you are a courageous, gorgeous woman and it's so fun to see your transformation ~ WOW!

      When I looked at your FB photo the first thing I noticed was I the glow of your skin and your shining smile. Whole, fresh food is such a gift to our bodies and you're a great example of what healthy eating looks like Eve.

      I've been collecting some of my favorite recipes and will post them soon. I'd love it if you kept in touch. I'll be watching/reading, and cheering you on . . . All the best to you!