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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Milk Causes Type 1 Diabetes & Autoimmune Diseases . . .

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Our own beloved Sonoma County doctor, John McDougall, M.D.,  authored bill SB 380 in the California legislation. This bill would require all medical doctors in the state of California to include a course on nutrition as part of their continuing medical education.

SB 380 was strongly opposed by the California Medical Association, on the grounds that the legislature should not be telling doctors "how to practice medicine."  A version of the bill modified from the initial draft passed the committee this past Monday.

This video shows opening statements from Dr. McDougall and Dr. Forrester, on the Senate floor.

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Thankfully we have numerous delicious alternatives to cows milk. We use rice milk and homemade almond milk in our house.

almond milk
Almond milk strawberry smoothie


These cookie dough balls are a HUGE hit with my teenage son!

I found this yummy recipe on raw food diva Averie's website, Love Veggies and YogaAverie is a gorgeous fitness model and writes a fabulous blog featuring creative, delicious recipes. This is my slightly adapted version of Averie's original creation.

Visual steps:

raw cashews
ground oats and nuts


finished product!
Enjoy! xxoo


  1. The lack of knowledge of nutrition in our medical system is so sad, it would be nice if basic natural treatments were taught as well, but unfortunately medical school appears to be completely sponsored by the drug industry right now :(

  2. So true Cara . . . SB 380 was an attempt to nudge the 'system' in a better direction. Unfortunately the CMA and drug companies lobbied so hard against this bill I'm afraid it's a skeleton of it's former self.

    Thanks for your feedback!